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Top Political Strategists Behind OnMessage Inc. Launch New Public Affairs Firm: OnMessage Public Strategies

Alexandria, VA – America is undergoing a political realignment unseen in nearly a century and the strategists behind one of the political firms most attuned to those changes, OnMessage Inc., are launching a new stand-alone public affairs firm – OnMessage Public Strategies (OMPS) – to help companies and trade associations navigate complex policy and political issues.

The strategists at OnMessage Inc. have guided successful political campaigns at every level across the country, including 9 United States Senate campaigns, and helped steer the political committee arms of the U.S. Senate and House. They have also held the highest positions in federal and state government. The partners from OnMessage Inc. will also be partners in OnMessage Public Strategies. They include Brad Todd, Timmy Teepell, Graham Shafer, Wes Anderson, Curt Anderson and Guy Harrison. They will be joined in the partnership by Kyle Plotkin, former Chief of Staff to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and U.S. Senator Josh Hawley.

OnMessage Public Strategies’ new website – www.onmessageps.com – previews the firm’s core service offerings, including Political Intelligence, Issue Advocacy Campaign Management, Crisis Communications, Polling & Insights, PR Planning and Pitching, and Paid Digital and TV Campaigns. The firm is headquartered near Washington’s Reagan National Airport, with additional offices near state capitols in Annapolis, Maryland and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“The same shifting tectonics that have created earthquakes in America’s political parties are tugging at the public’s attitude toward corporate reputations,” said partner Brad Todd, author of a best-selling book about America’s political realignment titled The Great Revolt. “Our job is to help corporate leaders navigate this realigning world.”

“If you want to persuade lawmakers, persuade their bosses, the voters,” said partner Kyle Plotkin. “That’s what drives public opinion, and it’s what drives elected officials to act. Charting a course to change attitudes in the midst of highly partisan times takes a strategy that has edge and can break through the noise.”

About OnMessage Public Strategies

Today’s media environment is sweeping and non-stop, and everyone is a target. Especially corporations or industries that are competing for public trust in a volatile landscape.

Typical coalitions and boilerplate responses no longer break through the clutter. Partnering with the team at OnMessage Public Strategies will help clients chart a course to win a campaign or survive a reputation challenge. OMPS strategists buck the conventional wisdom of the political class in Washington. D.C. and state capitols, and instead take the time to understand what actually drives the motives of voters and consumers.